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Home Energy Solutions (HES) program in Connecticut.

Home Energy Solutions (HES) program in Connecticut.

 The HES program is administered by utility companies, and Connecticut’s Energy Efficiency programs are funded by a charge on customers of CL&P and UI electric bills. There are only 18 approved vendors who can do the HES program in CL&P territories. The Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund is not a “state administered” program. The Connecticut Home Energy Solution, HES, is still available for Connecticut home owners for a short time. The program is designed to test homes and save energy.Blower Door Test

This involves a HES energy technician, that is certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI), who will visit your home and perform an energy efficiency assessment.  This includes a walk through inspection of the home, and then the technician will perform a door blower test to determine air leakage of the house.  Air Sealing and Weather stripping will be done afterwards to stop major air leaks.  

Also included in the program are incandescent bulb replacements to new energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). Appliance inspections and their efficiency levels are checked and they will offer rebates for ENERGY STAR ® appliances. If you have duct work they will also inspect and test the ducts for air flow, performance and air leakage. Low flow shower heads will be installed, along with faucet aerators, to assist with water conservation.

Insulation Evaluation will be done and if needed a recommendation of insulation upgrades will be made. With this program there are rebates and discount loans available for additional and new insulation.

If you are planning or were thinking about doing any larger “home energy efficiency” improvements you are now able to apply for an unsecured loan through AFC First and sponsored by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund.  The rates for these loans are subsidized by Energy Efficiency Fund CEEF:

                                          $2,500 to $6,999 for 2.99%

                                                    $7,000 to $20,000 for 0.00% 

The loan is unsecured and there is a quick and easy process with terms of up to 10 years.  

The purpose of the loans is to help customers make the energy improvements recommended by the HES technicians.

For complete details go to www.CTenergyLoan.com 

There are many companies in Connecticut that provide this service. You can call 877-WISE-USE to get a certified HES program contractor in your area.

I used New England Smart Energy located in Fairfield County, Ct., and they service the entire state of Connecticut and did an excellent job on my house. For further information  on New England Smart Energy visit  http://www.ne-smartenergy.com/HES.php

Or the Ct. energy info website at   http://www.ctenergyinfo.com/dpuc_home_energy_solutions.htm

The cost of the HES program to CL&P and UI electric customers is only a $75 co-pay, call 877-WISE-USE for all details of program.

To see all the programs and rebates available, and for more details about the Home Energy Solutions program visit website ~  


There are also programs for small and large businesses who want to get Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund incentive dollars and expertise:  http://www.cl-p.com/Business/SaveEnergy/default.aspx  

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