New Canaan Community Helps Family Who Lost Home In Fire.

Envision waking up one morning with no ID, money, cell phone, computer or belonging’s except those on your back. That is exactly what happened to the Lee family in New Canaan, Connecticut on Sunday morning January 15th, 2012 when a fire totally destroyed their home of 15 years and everything inside of it. Luckily everyone made it out safe along with the two family dogs. 

As you can imagine it has been overwhelming for the Lee family to deal with the tragedy but owner Daniel B. Lee says “we just have to take it one day at a time”.

Family home after the fire in New Canaan.

One bright spot of this event is that the community of New Canaan has come out in full force to help the Lee Family. Mr. Lee said it has really made a difference to them and has given the family something positive to focus on. The local Bank of New Canaan has started a Lee Family Fund on the Internet where folks can donate money. Currently living out of a hotel room the Lee’s really having no place to put donated goods.

With four children who have attended the New Canaan public school system the Lee family is well known in the community among the kids and families. With the Lee Family Fund established the out pouring of support among that group has been amazing with donations of $10, $20 and up. Over the years it was well known among the high school kids that Dan Lee would be cooking up breakfast every Sunday morning and all were welcomed.

~ Along with the Lee Family Fund the New Canaan YMCA has donated a family member ship to the Lee family.

~ A Facebook page has been created for the Lee Family giving updates.

~ Local business has donated and has offered future help when needed.

~ Benefits and fund raisers such as the Yoga for a Cause to Benefit the Lee Family on January 23rd are happening.

~ Many families have simple just invited the Lee’s over for a home cooked meal.

~ Even the 1st selectman (mayor) of New Canaan, Robert E. Mallozzi  has stepped in helping to get through some of the red tape of rebuilding and getting I.D.’s.

Daniel Lee with a background in real estate and building is looking forward to building the family home as soon as possible. It would be nice to have a family home ready for the summer for when the two youngest children would return from University.

By David Popoff who has lived in Lower Fairfield County for over 40 years and family friend of the Lee’s.


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