Sears, Roebuck & Co. Pre-Fab Homes 1908 to 1940.

Sears,Roebuck & Co, Pre-Fab Homes 1908 to 1940.

 Sears, Roebuck and Company sold pre-cut and fitted material homes through their mail order Modern Homes program from 1908 through to 1940. There were 447 different house styles from simple summer cottages to elaborate multistory homes with French doors and art glass windows. The process would start with Sears sending you the Modern Homes catalog and you would pick and choose the style and features. Sears would even ship custom designed homes to individuals once blueprints were submitted. The entire home would arrive by railroad from framing lumber to carved staircases, nails, varnish and instructions.

Sears mass production of homes saved the homeowner money by lessening manufacturing costs, the ready to assemble homes required less construction time up to 40%. Sear’s choice of “balloon framing”, use of drywall, asphalt shingles also greatly reduced the cost to homebuyers.

Sears Modern Home program also stayed current with the latest technology in the early twentieth century incorporating central heating, indoor plumbing and electricity.

No official tally exists of the number of Sears homes built but it is estimated that more than 100,000 houses were sold between 1908 and 1940 through the Modern Homes program.

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 Sears & Roebuck Modern Home    

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