What is LEED for Homes? ~ Part Two.


What is LEED for Homes ?    Part Two. 

This is part two of a series about LEED for Homes volunteer green build rating program that the U.S. Green Build Council’s (USGBC) developed. LEED for Homes is made up of 8 categories, five are environmental, two are residential specific and the eighth one is about Innovations and Design. Each category carry credits that can be earned for green building and some categories have prerequisites that must be met. Below is a brief preview of each of the eight categories.

1.     Innovation & Design Process (ID)   ~ total points available to earn 11

  • Integrated Project Planning intended to create an integrated and systems oriented approach to design and building. Then incorporating that with a Durability Management Process to promote durability and high performance and create a path to follow.
  • Innovative or Regional Design gives points to project teams to implement building practices, technology that is not currently in the LEED for Homes rating system.

2.     Location & Linkages (LL)  ~ total points available to earn 10

  • Location and Linkage (LL) along with Awareness and Education (AE) are the two residential specific related categories. LL deals with site selection, neighborhood development and approxcimay to community resources such as public transportation, restaurants, stores, parks and public buildings.

3.     Awareness &Education (AE)  ~ total points available to earn 3

  • Requires the project team to educate the owner and tenants on how properly to use the home and its green features, provides an owner manual.
  • Project team can do an open house to educate the public on green homes. If a building manager is involved provide education about operations and maintenance.

The next five categories are the environmental sectors.

4.     Sustainable Sites (SS)   ~ total points available to earn 22

  • To design a site that minimizes adverse effect on the environment. Such as minimize damage to area during construction, prevent erosion, manage rainwater, landscape development to minimize water demand and invasive plants.
  • Manage and implement pest control alternatives, reduce heat island effect and promote community livability.

5.     Water Efficiency (WE)  ~ total points available to earn 15

  • Use high efficiency fixtures, efficient smart irrigation systems and water reuse such as rainwater and gray water.

6.     Energy and Atmosphere (EA)  ~ total points available to earn 38

  • Either a Performance or a Prescriptive Path can be taken to earn points. The performance approach partakes in the EPA’s program Energy Star for Homes. The Prescriptive path breaks down the process by addressing insulation, air infiltration, windows, heating and cooling systems, water heating, lighting, appliances, renewable energy and residential refrigerant management.


7.     Material & Resources (MR)   ~ total points available to earn 16

  • Address construction waste and reduction, material efficiency framing techniques, environmental preferred products such as FSC certified wood and using renewable and recycled products.

8.     Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ)  ~ total points avail. to earn 21

  • To promote improved indoor air quality and comfortably of the home. Issues addressed here are proper venting, moisture control, distribution of heat and cooling, air filtration, reduce airborne contaminants, radon protection and minimize garage pollutant into the living space.


LEED for Homes has a total of 136 possible points to earn from 67 different credits.  There are a total of 18 prerequisites that must be met to earn certification. There are four certification levels in the program, the required points need to reach each level is:-

  • Certified                    45 to 59  points
  • Silver                          60 to 74  points
  • Gold                           75 to 89   points
  • Platinum                   90 to 136 points


David Popoff is a license Realtor in Connecticut with William Raveis office in Darien

David is an accredited LEED Green Associate (LEED GA) by the United States Green Build Council (USGBC) and a Certified Green Professional (CGP) of National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) .

 David has over twenty-five years experience in residential construction and over twenty commercial and retail interior outfit/renovations projects completed.

  • Member of the Connecticut Association of Realtors, CAR.
  • Member of the National Association of Realtors, NAR.
  • Member of the Connecticut chapter (CTGBC).  
  • Associate member of the HBRA-Fairfield County, Ct. .
  • Contact David Popoff for all your real estate needs in Darien, New Canaan, Rowayton and other parts of Connecticut.



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