Home Safety Under the Kitchen Sink ???

Home Safety Under the Kitchen Sink OR Toxins ???   What's under the kitchen sink?

pumpkin, Ct With Halloween coming up it is a little scary to wonder what is under that kitchen sink of yours !!!!

Could it be something safe, maybe a fire extinguisher or is it something poisonous, toxic and dangerous???

It just seems that the cabinet under the kitchen sink is the catch all for all and anything, right at the children’s level. How many different types of poison could be under yours???? 

7th Generation natural cleaning productsHouse cleaning products can contain hazardous solvents (ammonia and chlorine) and petroleum based compounds (VOC’s).  Any aerosol can contains petroleum distillates, try using pump bottles and liquids. For cleaning solutions try using natural biodegradable cleaners, look for nontoxic and vegetable-based products. A few examples are baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, enzymes, and citrus oils.  Try making your own green cleaner using vinegar, water and castile soap. For more homemade recipe’s of natural cleaners click here. There are also many commercial brands of natural cleaners such as 7th Generation, Mrs. Meyers and Earth Friendly Products.

 Many of the homes in Darien, New Canaan and the rest of Fairfield County are on home septic fields and well water. Remember these fields leach back into our water table and natural environment which can result in toxins leaking back into the drinking water, plant and animal life. The same goes for city sewers, the end result ends up in Long Island Sound where we swim and fish.No Aerosol sprays & chemical pesticides.

Chemical pesticides sprays are another item not to use in the house, you are spraying poison and it is traveling in your house. Use organic pest controllers in bait trap and liquid form.

 I would strongly recommend that you read Dr. Gary Ginsberg book on “What’s Toxic, What’s Not” and visit his web site.  Dr Ginsberg is a toxicologist at the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

Other items that I would recommend under your sink for a healthier life are:-

~ Fire extinguishers, make sure you check the ratings of them, most are A,B,C rated all in one.

~ Glass jar for grease, not down the drain. And a tupperware for organic waste for the compost pile, our dumps are large enough.

~ A natural vegetable and fruit cleaner to wash off all those pesticides from our foods.

~ Sponges collect bacteria, wash in dishwasher weekly, replace regularly.

Any other suggestions please put down on the comment section, I am sure there will be many. Live a long, healthy and prosperous life.

David Popoffis a license Realtor in Connecticut with William Raveis office in Darien.   A life time resident of Fairfield County he has worked throughout lower Fairfield County and now resides in Darien, Ct since 2004. David Popoff is an accredited LEED Green Associate (LEED GA) and member with the United States Green Build Council (USGBC) and the Connecticut chapter (CTGBC).   Contact David Popoff for all your real estate needs in Darien, New Canaan, Rowayton and other parts of Connecticut.

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