William Raveis In-House Mortgage Banker, Rowayton, New Canaan, Darien, Ct.


William Raveis In-House Mortgage Banker, Rowayton, New Canaan, Darien, Ct.

William Raveis is a family of companies includes Real Estate, Mortgage and Insurance.  W.R offers these services to streamline the process and ease the process of buying a home.  William Raveis is New England’s largest family owned Real Estate Company. Today we are going to discuss William Raveis  In-House Mortgage service.

This one stop added value service helps with the buying of a property such as speed of process, better rates, able to offer a broader product range through a multiple of different banks.  William Raveis Mortgage is a Mortgage Banker not Mortgage Broker, the difference is that William Raveis has in-house Underwriters who can speed up the process and have a better control of the mortgage process. WR Mortgage work with over 30 banks which results in better rates and a variety of mortgage products.

It is recommended that Buyers be Pre-approved by a lender before looking for a home to buy. On Raveis.com there is a page for mortgages with such tools as rent vs. buy, mortgage calculator, rate watch, home evaluation and apply on line.

See below for today’s rates offered by William Raveis Mortgage, Darien, Ct. Note rates can change any time.

CT. RATE UPDATE ~ William Raveis Mortgage, llc

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Product Interest Rate Annual Percentage Rate
15 YR Fixed Conforming 4.125% 4.266%
15 YR Fixed Jumbo 4.625% 4.899%
30 YR Fixed Conforming 4.625% 4.773%
30 YR Fixed High Conforming 4.875% 4.990%
30 YR Fixed Jumbo 5.250% 5.368%
30 YR Fixed Super Jumbo 5.500% 5.654%
5/1 YR ARM Conforming 3.375% 3.589%
5/1 YR ARM Jumbo 4.250% 3.592%
5/1 YR Portfolio Arm 4.250% 3.592%

  *Rates are subject to change without notice.

The rates and APR above are based upon the following assumptions: a 20% down payment, $1,500 in finance charges, and 30 days prepaid interest, 1 point, and a 60 day rate lock. The rates and APR will vary depending upon the actual down payment percentages, points and fees for your transaction. Rates are subject to change without prior notice and may vary with your unique credit history, and terms of your loan. Property taxes and homeowners insurance are estimates and subject to change.

 Article written by David Popoff Realtor, not a mortgage broker, rates are not guaranteed, please go to website for updated rates.


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